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I wasn't sure how this blog would blossom after the website update last summer... The update coincided with the move out of the gallery job and old studio, and into new unchartered territory. I had more than usual on my mind, and I discovered that finding  quiet made more sense than anything at that time. I began to tend to myself and start the process of divorcing the art world as I had come to know it; irreconcilable differences. My deeper desires and character are simply not aligned with specific dynamics of commercial gallery work, and bosses, and egos, and such. Then, before I could barely catch my breath, the beautiful space that is now Dane Carder Studio was offered to me in a deal that I could not refuse. So, I had to figure out quickly how to balance the heightened involvement in ego "detachment," with the notion of "owning" my own business venture in the arts. Since August, I have been working to do the next right thing, sharing work from other artists, collaborating on projects that seek to be service oriented, and not sales oriented... which doesn't make a ton of business sense, but it felt like what I needed to do. It is a flashback to the threesquared model that I operated long before the commercial gallery gig. Now, six months into this endeavor, things are still organically unfolding, and the space is being used both as studio and as showroom/gallery. I have finally begun the first large series of paintings in this space, and it is taking some getting used to... as, the old studio was custom fit to this process, and I'm not sure yet how things go here. The month of February doesn't involve any exhibits in the studio, so, I'm free to spread out... that changes in March when two separate photo shows will be featured (Tamara Reynolds and Harrison Brammell). The hall gallery was just installed with paintings by Marty Kahnle, and that work will remain on view through March. Working out how to best rotate exhibits through the studio and hall has been challenging and fun... trying still to build a model that serves the community, the artists, and myself in the best possible ways. I will keep adapting as I go, finding what works and what doesn't. I am still convinced that a new version of the First Saturday Art Crawl in Wedgewood/Houston is needed... that's worth an entire post. Anyways, if things work out, I'll be unloading some various thoughts here more than I have been... Social media does it's thing, and, maybe some folks still read blogs. Carry on, now... It's a wild time to be alive!

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