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March madness

As March marches in, the Studio continues on its fluid path of fashioning a business model that meets my multifaceted desires within the "art world." I use that term loosely, as I know that I don't necessarily dwell in that world, but dance around the edge of it. My studio is fully engaged in prepping for upcoming exhibits, and my deep need to showcase other artists' work will be in full bloom this spring, as we are booked with shows through June. I'll keep shifting the space to fit the most pressing needs within the studio, and as I wrap up the first year in this space, I know that operations will pivot in year two. Currently, in the Studio, Tamara Reynolds photographs of the South, offer intimate glimpses into the charm and grit of this region... And, In the Hall Gallery through March, Marty Kahnle's paintings are lush explorations of our landscape. Their bursting color is suited nicely for the palette that will soon take over our natural environment. I hope that you get a chance to come see these local artists' works... we are lucky to have such talent to present. Thanks for visiting the blog... Carry on! 

Dane Carder